Video of Fight Between Two Groups of Boys at McDonald's Restaurant Go Viral! Watch Here!


Warning: The following video contains graphic images and language not suitable for minors. Reader discretion is advised. 

Videos of a fight breaking out between two groups of boys at a Mcdonald's restaurant have gone viral.

Both videos were originally posted by netizen Marvin Dula on his Facebook account - along with some creative hashtags. It's unclear which branch of Mcdonald's the fight took place in. 

In the first video, we can see 3 boys ganging up on one wearing a green shirt right in front of the Mcdonald’s doors. Two of the boys threw wicked punches on their victim as another swatted him with a slipper. Then one of the boys kicked the green-shirted individual into the restaurant as someone was heard trying to calm down the brawl. 

Afterwards, the teenager called out his attackers, shouting profanities at them and calling ‘bastos.’

Soon the teenager’s companions inside the establishment began calling other friends on their cellphones. 

The restaurant staff stayed in front of the door, barring the trio from entering and trying to control the situation. 

One of the attackers began calling out the group to come out and face the three. 

The trash-talking continued in the next video. One the attackers from the outside tried to force himself in through the doors but to no effect. In a phone conversation overheard in the video, the presumed victim of the beating was explaining to his father that they were jumped at by the three. 

Netizens shared their various reactions on the incident as well as the long hashtags put up by the original poster. 

Some netizens thought it was silly for one of the boys to be using a slipper during a fight. 

Others were more concerned that the restaurant staff did not call the authorities – or that the guards did not do their jobs quickly enough.

As of writing, the videos have received 6,063 shares and 2.2K reactions and growing.

Watch the mayhem here!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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