Vice Ganda Gets Offended By Teddy Garcia's Song On 'It's Showtime!': 'Nakaka-offend'


On the Wednesday episode of It's Showtime's "Tawag Ng Tanghalan" segment, one contestant was asked by host Amy Perez to serenade Anne Curtis.

The contestant has begun to sing out the lyrics, "Beautiful girl, wherever you are.." when Vice Ganda interrupted his song. He said he is curious why is it that whenever s his co-host Anne is mentioned, the word 'beautiful' is always present.

Tiyang Amy told Vice to just let it go but Teddy Garcia tried to dedicate a song to his sentimental co-host in an effort to comfort him.

Vice thought it will go nice so he listened. Teddy then began and sang "Beautiful girl, hindi ikaw 'yon.." which made the audience laugh. 

Irritated by Teddy, Vice told him that he was offended by the act.

"Alam mo pag ginaganiyan ako tanggap ko, pero bakit nung sayo nanggaling na-offend ako?" he said.

Vice even called Billy Crawford and said "Billy explain mo sa akin, bakit pag kay Teddy nanggaling nakaka-offend pero pag galing sayo hindi?"

Billy told Vice to ask Vhong instead but Vice then again slammed Teddy with his joke.

"Bakit nung sa katulad mo nanggaling mabigat, parang may mali?" he added.

Watch the whole funny scene here:

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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