U.S Based Businesswoman Believes That Only Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo Can Change the Country


It can be remembered that during the first few days of the Duterte administration, a Filipina-American businesswoman named Loida Nicolas-Lewis posted a video which went viral after saying that only Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo can lead and change the country and not people people who are "Mamamatay tao, magnanakaw, may cancer at Amerikana".

The businesswoman and philanthropist, known to be one of the most active supporters of the Liberal party in the US, is a known leader in the Fil-Am community.

In her video, she mocks all the opponents of Mar Roxas. She said that only Roxas and Robredo had the capability to lead the country, as well as the ability and integrity to be good leaders of the Philippines. 

Lewis even said that if Roxas and Robredo won the election, there would be 18 years of 'good governance' in the country, considering the 6 years term of Aquino and another 12 years for Roxas and Robredo. 

The question is that, does Loida still stand firm on her point about her video? Or has she already changed her mind?

Source: TNP , Facebook

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