UNGRATEFUL: Filipino and Mexican Netizens Furious Over Miss Colombia's Remarks on Hotel’s Complimentary Gifts!


Miss Colombia Andrea Tovar is in big trouble over the ungrateful and 'racist' comments, she made about the complimentary gifts she received from a hotel in Manila.

Filipino and Mexican netizens, in particular, are none too pleased with what she had to say on video.

Filipinos admonish the Colombian model for allegedly belittling the complimentary treats she received from the hotel. Mexicans, on the other hand, were angry over Tovar’s sarcastic jokes about her ‘Mexican accent.’

In an Instagram video she posted (which has since been taken down), she made comments about oranges and a bag of snacks she was given. The viral video has since been reuploaded on Youtube.

Translated, Tovar was allegedly heard saying: “… and little translucent and hallucinogen oranges. Look at that, it’s all orange. And what do you think my dears, I’m speaking like a Mexican … What are those fattening filths? Look at this.”

Her controversial comments are in stark contrast to the amiable statement she gave after arriving in the Philippines for the upcoming Miss Universe pageant.

“I love the Philippines. It’s a big opportunity to be here in this amazing country. I am so excited for the pageant! And I want to know your culture, including your food,” she told reporters.

Tell us your thoughts on her remarks. Do you think her comments were too insensitive?


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