TRULY INSPIRATIONAL: Son Who Lost Arms Feeds 90-Year-Old Mother With a Spoon Using His Own Mouth


Traditions and culture promotes the idea that we must repay our parents once they have grown old and are unable to take care of their own selves. However, due to the evolving culture and values in the world today, most specifically in this generation, respect for one's parents seem so rare nowadays.

Not all children proudly show off their love for their parents and some tend to neglect them once they learn to be independent.

So it was truly inspiring when a man went viral on social media as he repaid his mother for taking care of him.

The armless man expressed great gratitude for his mother's sacrifices since he lost his arms when he was only 7-years old. 

Despite the lack of arms, he stood by his values as he fed his 90-year-old mother from a spoon held by his own mouth. 

This little act had proved to be an example of the good Chinese culture and netizens were inspired by this man's story.

Watch the video below and see for yourself!

Source: TNP , NTD

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