Yamashita's Treasure Finally Found? Locals Claim That They Did, But They Can't Take It Because Of This! WATCH IT HERE!


The long search is over as the Yamashita Treasure was found in a cave in the Philippines!

According to historicmysteries.com, the General of the Imperial Army of Japan during World War II, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, was believed to "have buried or hidden away tons of gold in the Philippines."

However, last January 2, 2017, a video emerged from a social media platform about the Yamashita Treasure claimed that the treasure has been found in a cave in the Philippines. 

However, the locals who claimed to have found the treasure said that it was implanted with miniature bombs. 

No reports have been made yet if the treasure has been safely recovered by the locals. Watch the video below and be the judge if it is legitimate or not.

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