'Bilog-Bilog'! Watch Toni Fowler Perform Some Sexy Vape Tricks!


Toni Fowler is at it again. 

She recently uploaded a video, where she is seen performing vape tricks. These kinds of vape videos are quite common nowadays, but Fowler's is somewhat special. 

Toni Fowler is an internet celebrity known for her funny and sexy videos which often feature her dancing or doing silly things.  

She is best known for her "wiggle dance", where she wiggles and makes her breasts jiggle, much to the delight of the viewers.  As of this writing the video has already been viewed 400,000 times.  

She was also mired in controversy due to an alleged scandal involving another internet star.  

Check out how she performs vape tricks, the Toni Fowler way.

Source: TNP, Youtube

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