Through Jesus' Protection, This 2-Year-Old Boy Survives A Tragic Disaster!


How do we react when we are faced with certain death?

No matter how old we get, the thought of death would still probably send a chill down our spines.

However, a 2-year-old boy who got stranded amidst dangerous waters proved to be much braver than most of us could have been if we were in his situation.

The unidentified boy was stuck in a strong current. Instead of acting out of fear or panic like most of would have, he chose to stand still.

The incident was said to have transpired in Madhya Pradesh in central India.

According to TV9 Gujarati who originally posted the video on Youtube, the boy was playing on the river banks when the incident transpired.

Due to the boy's calm courage, the villagers were able to save him, albeit with a bit of difficulty.

Watch the video below!

The video was posted on July 2011 and has since been viewed 33 million times as of this writing.

The young boy earned praises from the online community and was even called a hero for his fearlessness.

The brave villagers who saved the young boy also received praise on the social media.

Many believed that the child was saved by God's grace, despite India being a predominantly Hindu country. The video that was shared on Facebook claimed that it was through Jesus that he was able to survive.

However, others believed otherwise, saying religion should not have been dragged into the issue.

A few others claimed that the video was edited, although provided no reason or evidence to back up their speculations.

What do you think? Was this boy saved by the grace of the Lord? Share your opinions with us in the comments section!

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