This Woman Humiliated a Cashier But The Manager Came And Give What She Deserved!


Customer service has got to be one of the most difficult jobs, hands down. You need to put up with people, and people tend to be very unpredictable. From the easy-to-deal-with to the people that seem to be Lucifer's kin. Despite all of that, you need to keep your cool and flash a smile.

An account of a cash register personel went viral after she proved that the customer isn't always right. 

The story goes like this. There was a customer who walked up to the counter with her coupons and commanded the cashier to use them. 

As the cashier was scanning the coupons one by one, she found out that one of the coupons had already expired and cannot be used. 

She told the customer about the situation and instead of paying cash, she was bewildered and immediately called for the manager.

This Woman Humiliated a Cashier and Got What She Deserved!

While the manager was busy checking what happened, the woman muttered something to her child that insulted the cashier. 

"That is why I want you need to go to college, so that you'll not end up as a cashier."

Upon hearing this, the manager unpacked all of the woman's purchase and told her that she had no right to insult the employees

The woman threw a fit and shouted that they will all get fired before bolting out of the door. 

The manager solved the problem and made sure to leave a lesson his employees and other customers would never forget: Respect begets respect.
Source: TNP , Newsner

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