This Woman Bought This Egg for $30 in eBay and After 47 Days, This Happened! Unbelievable!


Online stores are now getting popular across the world. Aside from the convenience they offer, they have almost everything. This woman knows this too well. 

She got curious over this $30 egg in eBay. She wasn't sure if it would even hatch, or what might be inside. Nonetheless, Charlotte Harrison ordered it and put it in a home incubator

She would turn it and weigh it every day. To her surprise, after 47 days, the egg finally hatched

Charlotte welcomed the bird into their family and named him Kevin! “I felt a huge surge of protection and care when Kevin hatched,” she said. 

To surprise her further, the bird was actually an emu, which is known as the world's second largest bird, next to the ostrich! So Kevin is expected to grow up to 6 feet! Charlotte's 4-year-old daughter has grown very close to the bird

“I’m sharing the adventures of Kevin with the world. I feel so maternal towards him and want to show him off, he’s adorable,” Charlotte shared.

Source: TNP , EliteReaders

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