This University Allows Their Students to Cross-Dress Inside Campus! What Can You Say?


Many students who are part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community have struggled in dealing with strict rules inside their university when it comes to proper dress code. But Far Eastern University (FEU) is now allowing their students to "cross dress."

As of August 2016, the university issued this new rule which is currently being implemented. This rule intends to allow FEU students to dress in what feels most comfortable to them inside campus as long as they are wearing their school uniform. Prior to that change of rule, the university banned students who are not wearing the school uniform from entering the university premises. This new rule aims to let student express themselves by wearing whichever uniform they choose.

According to Joeven Castro, Director of FEU's Office of Student Development, this new rule is 'something personal' for their students who belongs to the LGBT. "It's [to recognize] that gender expression is something personal. FEU is a university and we value diversity and inclusiveness," he said.

This University Allows Their Students to Cross-Dress Inside Campus! What Can You Say?

Leandro Acuña Jr., Vice President of the Society of Homosexual Emergence (SHE), an LGBT  group inside FEU said, "Mahirap talaga para sa amin na makapasok sa gate kasi malaki ang chance na mahuhuli kami ng security at sisitahin kami. Ang matindi pa, kukuhanin ang student number namin at ire-report."

Acuña even shared that before this new policy was implemented, it was hard to enter the school gate wearing such uniforms not intended for them. But because of this rule, they can now comfortably express themselves. "Sobrang malaking bagay para sa aming mga LGBT ang bagong policy na ito kasi hindi na namin kailangan magtago," the SHE Vice President said. 

"Mas mai-express na namin 'yung sarili namin, na may karapatan din kaming magsuot ng kung ano'ng gusto namin based sa aming preference."

Romel Bernardo, president of FEU's Central Student Organization said, "It promotes and nurtures the diverse culture of FEU, an idea, a vision which allows our LGBT fellows to feel a sense of democratized expression, to feel comfortable about themselves." 
Source: TNP , Rappler

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