This Teacher Paid Her Student $28,000 To Keep Quiet About Their S*x Affair!


Dallas police reported that a middle-school teacher was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with one of her students. 

The surprising thing about this case however, was that the student was actually blackmailing his teacher. Court documents show that Thao SandyDoan had paid her student around $28,000 for his silence.

Doan was a teacher at the Raul Quintanilla Senior Middle School in West Oak Cliff. She was previously accused of having sex with the male student when he was only 14 years old.  

Nidia (surname withheld) says that she discovered her son’s suspicious text messages that revealed him threatening to expose his relationship with Doan if she didn’t pay him off. 

On January 20, the mother reported the text messages to the Dallas Independent School District Police and had the teacher arrested on the very same day.

Nidia believes that the bribe money was going to be used for drugs. 

Although the mother admits that her son was at fault, Nidia is still angry that an adult would take advantage of a minor. She stresses that her son was the victim because he is just a child. 

Nidia reveals that her son is currently in a juvenile detention center for robbery and burglary – unrelated to the teacher's case. The mother believes the latest payment of $15,000 her son received from Doan was sent a day before her arrest.

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