This Shop Owner Caught a Huge Rat Stealing His Rice. What He Did Next Will Surprise You!


China is known for having strong ties to its traditions, particularly when it comes to discipline. This time, the country took public shaming to the next level.

Two peculiar photos were posted on Weibo, a micro-blogging site in China. The photos show a huge rat being publicly shamed after it was caught stealing rice by a grocery shop owner.

The large rodent was tied up with a note hung around its neck. The note, translated by The Daily Caller News Foundation, stated: "I am only capable of so much. Even if you beat me to death, I will never admit that I stole your rice." 

Another sign said, "I swear I'll never do it again!"

The post received mixed reactions from netizens. Some were amused by the shop owner’s creative punishment while others criticized him for what they deemed was animal abuse. The shop owner responded by saying “it was just a rat.”

According to, the netizen who uploaded the photo called the Shenzen Traffic Police's attention. However, the police merely responded with "three smiling face emojis."

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Source: TNP KickerDaily

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