This Rare Egg Has Something Inside That Shocked Scientists!


"It's no yolk" was the first statement of the fanpage that has released a series of pictures which featured a single egg with five yolks inside. Eggs are known to contain one to two yolks only but a woman in China named Tao found an egg that miraculously contained five yolks. 

Facebook fanpage CGTN or the China Global TV Network has released three pictures and according to Tao, the five yolks inside the egg indicate a good omen. 

She shared the phenomenon with her friends online, saying “It is almost the Year of Rooster, and this was just such a big coincidence! I wish you all good luck in the Year of the Rooster!” 

Each yolks in the egg measures 1.5 centimeters in diameter while the egg's outer shell does not look any different from any other normal eggs. 

An expert from the Huazhong Agricultural University, Jin Guofeng, assured the public that the egg is safe to eat. However, there are no statements that verify whether the egg will indeed bring good luck to Tao. 

Local beliefs and superstitions say that an egg with a double yolk means the one who cracked the egg is pregnant or that someone close to the person is pregnant. There is also the belief that someone may be married soon.

What do you think of this egg? Does it really mean good luck? Tell us your comments below! 
Source: TNP Facebook

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