This OFW Cursed Pres. Duterte After He Was Shocked When This Happened to His Father's Hospital and Medical Bills!


Ever felt so much joy that only expletives could be used to express them? Surely we've all had our fair share of those kinds of moments.

This Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) was unable to stop himself from cursing at President Rodrigo Duterte from sheer joy. 

The story was shared by vocal Duterte supporter and propagandist Sass Rogando Sassot on her Facebook page.

The OFW who sent the message was surprised when he discovered that they were cleared of his father's hospital and medical bills. He claims that it was due to President Duterte's administration.

Read the message here:

President Duterte announced in 2016 that the PHP 40 Billion earnings from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) will go to the Department of Health for better healthcare.

Netizens also shared their own similar stories affirming that, with the government's help, they were also given free hospitalization and that their medicine bills were also waived.

Estong Caligdong:
"Totoo po yan Ma'am Sass..dati ngloan din ako para sa hospital bills ng sister ko. Last November lang na admit ulit cya wala kmi binayaran sa,hospital. Laking pasasalamat namin kay President Tatay Digong," 

Ronnie Alipio:
"What can I say? President Duterte is the best thing that ever happened in our country's history. Even Jesus Christ has detractors and antagonists who are also from religious groups (Pharisees). Though President Duterte is a far cry from Jesus Christ, he gets to serve the Filipinos with selfless dedication," 
Source: TNP , Facebook

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