This Mom Was Stunned When Her 7-Year-Old Son Slammed This Cashier Who Was Mocking His Autistic Brother.


While children can be very gullible and fragile, they can be surprisingly effective in teaching us things that we may not necessarily from other people. Us, adults, can sometimes become very self-centered that we lose our compassion and sympathy towards other people. This story went viral for that exact reason. 

A mother of two boys somehow learned a significant lesson from her kids. While they were on the checkout counter of a grocery store, the cashier apparently behaved rudely towards her children and even started to attack them verbally. But her seven-year-old son stepped up and defended his 5-year-old brother from the cashier. 

According to the mom's story, his 5-year-old kid kept making "meow" sounds while the cashier was talking to the 7-year-old. The cashier eventually got pissed and called out the 5-year-old saying: "That meowing is really annoying and rude. You need to knock it off."

The mom was ready to scold the cashier for the behavior,  but her 7-year-old son handled the situation with much wit and grace by responding: "My brother's autistic, and he doesn't talk yet, but he loves animals. When he meows, he's trying his best to be friendly, so you should try to be encouraging. And your mom should have taught you not to pick on people who are little, anyway."

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Source: TNP , Newsner

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