This Man Was Caught in the Act of Touching The 'Chest' of a Female Passenger! What Happens Next is not What he Expected! Must Watch!


Filipino women experience all sorts of sexual harassment and inappropriate language from men especially when they’re out on the streets of Manila. 

The problem is that it isn’t seen by the society as a real threat to the safety of women.

For the case of a certain Facebook user, she was out on her normal commute. While she was sitting on a bus, a man put out the hokage moves on her and tried "rubbing elbows" with her.

The victim caught him as he was trying to put a hand on her right breast, and this triggered her to speak and call him out, saying, “Kuya, kanina ka pa ah. Sumosobra ka na.”  In the video, it can be seen that the middle-aged man was startled and immediately put his elbows away.

She posted pictures and a video of this man’s misdemeanour and inappropriate behavior on Facebook, and said that he was even with his wife who tried to protect him while the harassed was confronting the man. It has reached many netizens and the reactions were aplenty.

Some advised her that she should have just moved away, clearly showing their tolerance for the man’s actions; while some took to her defense and said that it was the right move to call him out after she got the footage of the whole incident.


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