This Man Took Advantage of a Suicidal Woman After Saving Her But Regretted It When This Happened!


Many believe that we are given thousands of chance encounters and that it is up to us to make them opportunities. This is what this man did when he happened to meet this woman who was about to kill herself.

The man was walking along the bridge when he was surprised to see a beautiful woman about jump off the ledge. He hurriedly stop her saying: "Stop! Don't do it!"

Fortunately, the woman listened and she stepped down from the ledge.

"What's wrong? Why are you trying to kill yourself?" the man asked her. The woman turned emotional and burst into tears while saying:

"My boyfriend left me and ran off with another woman. That's why I want to die!"

The man then tried comforting her. "Listen, I get that it hurts so much. I'm going through a painful breakup myself. But jumping off the bridge never crossed my mind," he said.

"Well, what do you suggest we do then?" the woman replied.

Dirty thoughts started flooding the man's mind. He decided to take advantage of the poor girl. He knew the breakup left her vulnerable and this just might be his lucky day. He replied: "You know what, we can get revenge on both of them for leaving us." 

"What do you mean? How can we get revenge?" he woman answered.

But the man replied with a sly wink saying "I think you know what I mean."

They decided to spend the night in a motel and things got heated right away. After finishing the first round, the man sat and lit a cigarette.

The woman pulled him in the bed again saying "Hey, how about let's take revenge on them again."

This Man Took Advantage of a Suicidal Woman After Saving Her But Regretted It When This Happened! Chat Conversation End Seen by Hannah

The man was very happy to agree. But when the tiring second round got finished, the woman asked for another, and another after that. The man was growing tired, he can hardly sit up after the fourth round in which he gave his all. Yet the woman asked for another round saying: “Let’s take revenge again.”



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