This Man Passed Away Suddenly Then His Horse Breaks Down at the Funeral After Smelling the Casket! MUST WATCH!


A horse named Sereno had a devastating New Year after his owner, Wagner Lima, passed away.

Wagner is a 34-year-old Paraguayan cowboy who got into a motorcycle accident in Brazil. According to Little Things, the relationship of Wagner and Sereno is one of a kind. They have been best friends for many years that is why even for Sereno, a horse, it's hard to be apart from his owner. 

During the funeral, Sereno did something that moved everyone to tears. Sereno smelled the casket and immediately knew that Lima was inside. He placed his head down at the casket.

As they marched to the cemetery, everyone felt the emotion of the horse. Sereno will live with Wagner's brother and his family.


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