This Man Is About To Rob This House, But When He Gets Inside, What Happened Is Something That He Will Never Forget!


"Akyat-bahay" robbers are the worst. They are the dedicated kind of criminal that will put a 100% effort just to break into your home. 

Walls and other security measures are nothing for these robbery specialists. This is why some homeowners rely on their 'best friends' to give them that extra protection. 

A viral CCTV footage of an attempted robbery had netizens laughing after it showed the robber scampering in his embarrassing failure. The video was posted by Facebook user Werner Goosen

The video begins in a backyard of an undisclosed house. In the upper right corner, viewers can spot a man wearing a cap climbing the wall from outside the house. He also tried to sneak in by slowly balancing on a board where a clothesline is attached.

All seems quiet until a pair of two bull terrier dogs came running over. At first, the pair seems nice, wagging their tails as the robber climbs down. Suddenly, they ran toward the would-be robber's leg. 

He tried to kick them off. Big mistake. 

The bull terrier is a tough, stubborn and aggressive breed of dog

They begin barking at the would-be robber, snapping their jaws at him and biting his pants. Soon the white dog clamped his jaws hard on the robber's pants. He kicked him off but the other dog is right on the other leg. 

Soon both dogs are on the thief's legs. Unfortunately for him, he panicked and fell right in the middle of the yard... and the two animals. 

Try as the criminal might (he even begins to punch the animals), he simply cannot fight against two angry guard dogs. 

Watch the trending video here!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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