This Is Miss Netherlands Zoey Ivory's Reaction Over Her Viral 'Single Ladies' Dance Video! MUST READ!


After going viral over the past week, Miss Netherlands Zoey Ivory gave a message to all those who've watched and enjoyed the video of her dancing to Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' during the Miss Universe Coronation Night.

The Miss Universe candidate became a hot topic online when the video was uploaded. Many Filipino netizens were amused by her bubbly attitude and her adorable dance moves.

As of this writing, the video posted by RT Gundran has already garnered 4.2 million views and 41,797 shares.

Zoey's dance moves shouldn't surprise anyone, as the 23-year-old professional model is also a dancer in the Netherlands. 

While she did not bring home the crown, she still felt grateful for her journey throughout the pageant. She posted her message for all those who praised her dancing on Instagram.


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