This Homeless Man Returns A Dropped Wallet and What He Received For Being Honest Will Make You Cry


At a certain point, homeless people tend to be desperate enough to take any opportunity that would come their way. However this is not always the case. Fortunately there are some people who prove that honesty matters more than a satisfied stomach.

In a video posted on the Youtube channel of Viral Brothers, Erik Meldik & Cenek Stýblo, they showed a social experiment to find an honest and deserving man.

One of the guys walked by the streets in front of homeless person and would intentionally drop his wallet as the other guy filmed what was happening.

After a long series of failed experiments in a span of five continuous days, no one attempted to return the wallet except for one man.

As gratitude for this homeless man's honesty he received $1,000 and his reaction is absolutely priceless.

"It will help me enormously," he exclaimed.

Asked if he would be happy with the reward, the man answered in tears saying, "100 hundred percent positive it will help me enormously."

"Tremendously, I am extremely happy. This never happened to me in my whole life, I am about to cry."

Netizens from various social media sites have expressed their admiration for the man as well. Many reacted saying that the simple act had made people regain their trust in humanity and his reaction was more touching.

Aside from the homeless man being commended, the two men also received praises for their generosity! 

Watch full video below!

Source: TNP , YouTube

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