This Hidden Paradise In The Philippines Is A Must-Add To Your Travel List!


The Philippines has too many beautiful destinations that choosing where to go to next has become a challenge.

And although this might not help as we add up more options to your list, we feel like you totally need to see this! 

Tired of the usual beaches? Looking for a different place that spells fun but not overpopulated? This is perfect for you!

Take a glimpse at one of the country's hidden paradise, Lakawon Island Resorts, and Spa

This island paradise used to be somewhat a secret among locals and a few travelers with a good eye for adventure until recently the secret had been out.

With its new management, the island is set to create more rooms, more restaurants and more improvements for more fun and convenience for guests to come.

Aside from its stunning white beach and clear waters, the island offers great activities like jet skiing, snorkeling and beach games such as beach volleyball or even football!

The island also stuns with its colorful beanbags by the shore, its sand bar on the island's west side, a spectacular view of Gigantes Island and its centerpiece- the Tawhai Floating bar.

This had been tagged as the largest floating bar in Asia. With its Ibiza vibe, cozy daybeds and hammocks, there is no better place in the island that says "chill" the way this place does.

It is open on weekdays from 10 AM to 5 PM. As for weekends, the place is open until 8 pm.

Check out more photos and prepare to feel in love!

The island offers a variety of places to stay in at night. If you want to enjoy the sea breeze by the night and maintain a low budget, the island offers a tent for P300 per night. It also offers bamboo houses for P2500 per night which comes with its own toilet and bath. Aside from these two, it also offers other options for those with flexible budgets.

Source: TNP , Spot

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