This Guy's Sweet Surprise For His Gay Lover Goes Viral! 'May nanalo na Bes! Sobrang ginalingan!'


Ah, love – they say it makes the world go round. With all the horrible events happening around us, it's always touching whenever we see posts and stories of couples in love who share their encounters online.

The virtual world can be a nasty place, but these snippets of hope provide us faith and yes, make us believe that #MayForever.

Take this couple, for instance. Facebook page ‘Bes, Kalma’ posted pictures of two gay lovers, with one surprising the other with flowers

Ain't that sweet? The album caption reads "MAY NANALO NA MGA BES! SOBRANG GINALINGAN!!!" highlighted by three heart emojis. 

We would be envious too, if we were that guy. Look at them being so lovingly cute together

We don't know the identities of these two lovers but they clearly redefine #CoupleGoals and #LGBTPride. They definitely know how to show their love, without letting anyone’s judgment stop them from enjoying their happy relationship. 

Talk about romantic! This couple shows what's it’s like to surprise your significant other with that "WOW, OMG!" kind of feeling. 
Source: TNP , Facebook

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