This Guy Didn't Expect His Massage to Have this 'Happy Ending!' WATCH HERE!


Stress can cause a lot of effects in our bodies. One common result of stress is it develops tension in the muscles which can give you severe body ache. That is why many people flood massage parlors. Many of these parlors offer different kinds of massages from different cultures. 

However, this massage parlor is quite different as it was a pr*nk set-up for a guy named Alex, who loves getting massages. It was posted at FouseyTube, and Fousey decided to hire a hot girl to do the massage. Everything was usual in the beginning. Alex took his clothes off, preparing to be pampered. But he was taken aback when the masseuse took her clothes off too! She had a hot body which clearly made Alex quite uneasy. 

At one point in the video, 2 guys entered the room and one of them pretended to be the hot masseuse and gave Alex b*tt slaps! But the highlight of the video is when the hot girl asked Alex if he wanted a 'happy ending'. Alex got quite panicky and kept saying no. What happened next will definitely make you laugh! 


Source: TNP, Elitenewsfeed

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