This Girl Walked Around With Her Skirt up and the Men’s Reactions Will Shock You! Watch Here!


Women are forced into a war every single day of their lives, as they have to fend off a society that has seemingly grown used to victim-blaming, bolstering the confidence of s*x offenders and catcallers. 

In the Philippines, 3 out 5 women have experienced sexual harassment and verbal abuse at least once in their lives. 70% of them have stood up for themselves.

This Girl Walked Around With Her Skirt up and the Men’s Reactions Will Shock You! Watch Here!

Smooth POV, a YouTube channel that is all about silly pranks and antics, decided to pull off a social experiment where a girl named Angel would walk around while her skirt was tucked into her underwear. 

The whole stunt was pulled off in a mall and a very crowded street in Las Vegas.

Most men explicitly checked her out and some even took pictures of her exposed buttocks while laughing it off. 

When the same men were asked by Angel if they saw her raised skirt, they blatantly denied it. A middle-aged man joined by an elderly man even showed off their wedding rings after she tried to tell them off.

The men who showed concern were a couple groups of African-Americans on two separate situations. 

There were also two ladies who told her about it, as well as two Latino men. She had kind words for those who told her about it.

The social experiment has now been viewed a whopping 17.3 million times on YouTube and has solicited plenty of comments from netizens from all over the world. 

Most people were disgusted with the men who took pictures and the two men who showed off their wedding rings.

One netizen said, “Perverts taking pictures of her ass and lying when she asks! #PervertsArePerverts?” while another said, “If a man had his wiener out for a social experiment, everyone would lose their minds.”


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