This Girl Made a Promise to Her Best Friend But When the Time Came, She Did a Horrible Thing! If You Ever Had a Broken Heart, You Have to Watch This!


They say that love takes time but this story will surely break your heart for it just proves that time isn't enough to win a person's heart. No matter how hard you shout to the world that you love that person, if that person loves someone else, you can never have their heart.

This girl promised marriage to her guy friend if she couldn't find someone to love her in 10 years. This guy was so willing to give his life for this girl that he did everything for her. Whenever the girl experienced a broken heart, he was always there to heal it.

Until one day, the girl wanted to commit suicide but failed to do it. She just simply wanted to die as her boyfriend broke her heart again. When the boy found out about it, he rushed to the hospital to see if the girl was fine. He took care of her, and did everything to make her feel okay.

When the time came for the promise to be fulfilled, the girl said that when she signed the written promise, she was just kidding. To make things worse, she got back together with the guy who caused her broken heart.

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Source: TNP YouTube

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