This Girl Got An Early Valentine's Day Surprise Flashmob From This Guy! This Is Every Girl's Dream! Must Watch!


Everything is possible if you're in love, they say.

This is the belief of third year FEU Financial Management student, Akiro Lee Aure

That's why he was able to pull off a flash mob in their campus' grandstand. It was witnessed by hundreds of students. 10 guards were needed to cover and secure the area and 8 classes of PE were even cancelled for this one-of-a-kind display of affection.

Now, that's effort.

It took Mark 5 months to prepare for the flash mob. He knew it would take a lot of money and strenuous effort on his part, so he saved up his freelance modelling salary and made sure that he would create something romantic and magical. 

He even asked for help from the girl's father who is an admin staff in FEU to be able to pull it off. 

Through the help of his cousin, he was able to create banners for the special da. He then bought two life-sized teddy bears to make it more memorable. 

Finally, the big day arrived, and amid the swoooning of almost the entire student body and staff, the most important girl in Mark's life was still the highlight. 

The couple looked every inch in love and happy. 

The video was posted in  Facebook and as expected, it went viral. Majority of the netizens showed their support, while a handful jesters commented that there is still "walang forever".

But Mark didn't mind. He just wants to live in the moment and enjoy love and life. 

Did you feel the love?
Source: TNP , YouTube

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