This Doctor is Doing This to Children, Now Netizens Think He's the Best Doctor in the World ! WATCH HERE!


Recently, a doctor captured the attention of the netizens because of this entertaining technique.

In a video posted by the Lad Bible, he was trying to calm down a boy who was sitting in his father's lap. He knows he needed to give him two shots and he was trying to avoid stressing and scaring the child. He played with him for a while and in a swift move, he injected the shots into the kid's thigh. 

Feeling the sting of the needle, the kid started crying. But the doctor had a few more tricks up his sleeve. He started throwing tissue paper into the air, and the kid started laughing again.

At the end of the video, he was also able to put on the bandages swiftly. The caption noted how he should be named the best doctor in the world for how he handled the situation.

As of this writing, the video garnered over 84 thousand reactions. Watch it below and tell us what you think:

Source: TNP NTD

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