Together They Have 213 Years Between Them! Watch This Couple Celebrate 82 Years of Marriage!


Is there anything better than living a long life with the person you truly love

This couple from New York City has been married for 82 years and they continue to break records in love and in life.  

108-year-old Duranord Veillard and his 105-year-old wife Jeanne continue to love one other. This centenarian couple, originally from Haiti, immigrated to the US to start a family in a relatively more prosperous country.  

They are blessed with five children and 12 grandchildren.  

What's their secret?  

Aside from the tender love and care they have given each other throughout these years, both of them are committed to a strict diet of fish and vegetables.  

Eating healthy is the key to living a long life.  Aside from this, they also get regular check-ups to ensure that they are healthy and have no health complications. 

Their children attest that they are still living actively and both still have sharp memories.  

Here’s to living long and eating healthy with the ones you love!

Source: TNP, Kami

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