This Bride-To Be Was Shocked to Discover Her Groom’s Secret Right at the Altar!


Weddings are a special occasion – a sacred pact between two lovers culminating in a grand celebration. For Kim and Kevin, their wedding day was utterly unforgettable.

Kevin Taylor suffered an accident when he was young that rendered him unable to walk. The tragic incident gave him reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS) – a nerve disorder that was so intense that he had to get his legs severed by doctors.

Kevin was living half a life – until the day he met Kim. 

Kim saw through Kevin’s frailty and loved him unconditionally. "It's the person the inside, not who they are physically. His heart makes up for any lack of limbs that he has," Kim said.

As soon as they started dating, they knew immediately that they were meant to spend the rest of their lives together. When the moment finally came for them to say their vows to each other, Kevin revealed an unexpected secret that shook Kim to her core. 

As Kim made her fateful walk down the aisle, Kevin did the most surprising thing – he got up from his wheelchair and started walking! The happiest day of Kim’s life just became all the more memorable.

Watch their heartwarming moment below:

Source: TNP newsner , YouTube

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