This Brave Model Walked Along the Busiest Street in London Topless! Watch the Public's Reaction!


Netizens can't wrap their heads around this viral video showing a model walking in the busiest street in London, topless!

It was body paint artist Sarah Ashleigh who covered the model, Kelly Klein, with body paint to imitate a green fitted top as a social experiment for MailOnline. It took her 2 hours to cover the whole body. The model was asked then to walk along Kensington High Street in London which is usually filled with people during rush hours. The experiment was to know how many people can notice the fake top.

The model strolled for ten minutes and the results were astonishing! There were 19 strangers who either had to take a second look or stared a little longer before noticing that the model was topless! 

"It’s really cold. You feel very exposed at first. You forget but then with certain people’s reactions you remember that you’ve got no clothes on," Kelly shared. 

Watch the video below:

Do you think you could do this? Could you determine a fake top from a real one?
Source: TNP , YouTube

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