Watch: This Beautiful Girl Sat on a Stranger’s Lap but What the Stranger Did to Her in Public Is Unbelievable!


What would you do if a beautiful stranger comes up to you and sits on your lap while acting like it was no big deal?

Would you be confused? Well you aren't the only one! These random people were caught off-guard and their reactions surely showed it.

MoeAndET, a famous Youtube channel that performs pranks for people's amusement, shot this video featuring an attractive woman sitting on random strangers' laps just to see how they would react.

This extreme prank had everyone laughing at the different reactions these people showed. 

The viral video was posted on August in 2014 and has now garnered 40,772,436 views as of writing. 

Netizens expressed mixed reactions. Some expressed how bad they felt for the couple on a date that appeared to break up because of the incident. Others noted how the last dude shockingly humped her in public.

Check out these netizens’ comments:

"Pissed me off when she went on those couples when they were on a date?" - JJ24

"Can someone explain why the guy in the relationship didn't seem startled by the white girl? Was he part of the prank??" - EduardoDaSilva

"girl sitting on a stranger man = a laugh 
man sitting on a stranger girl = sexual harassment?" - Lab Lag

"he banged her wtf, she deserved it tho?" - Zawadi Kagira

How would you react if a beautiful girl suddenly sat on your lap? Let us know in the comments section!


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