This Beautiful Hot Filipino-American Girl Gives 6 Difference Between Philippines and America! No. 5 Will Make You Proud!


Filipina-American Jessica MacCleary shares 6 differences between America and the Philippines you probably never noticed!

The 21-year-old famous Youtube blogger who lives in California has been to the Philippines thrice and she noticed a few weird and random difference between the two countries.

"In today's video I am talking about 6 random and weird differences between America and the Philippines. These are things that I've noticed during my three trips to the Philippines over the last five years and have kept in my mind," she wrote on the video caption.

As she enumerated, she noticed the difference between fastfood refills, buffets, car rides, dating, use of gps and even pizza huts!

Check out what she has to say about all these!

Fortunately for the young blogger, she was able to state all differences in a fun and neutral way, making her Filipino fans love her even more!

Some netizens also praised MacCleary for taking pride in the Filipino blood that runs within her.

"I am Filipino-American. My mom is Filipina, my father is American, and I was born and raised in the United States. A lot of people ask where my mom was born- Quezon City. I love the Philippines and am very proud to be a Filipino. I hope to one day live in the Philippines for six months to a year just spending time with my family and immersing myself in the culture. I think that would be really fun," she also wrote.
Source: TNP , Youtube

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