They Met In a Special Needs School And Fell In Love! Now They're Getting Married! WATCH HERE!


Many netizens can't help but get emotional after watching this viral video of these two individuals with special needs who decided to get married.

Special needs usually refers to people who require special medical attention in either mental or psychological aspect. They are usually diagnosed with conditions such as autism, down syndrome, dyslexia, ADHD, blindness or cystic fibrosis. The said conditions may vary in severity and types of specialized programs to suit their needs.

The video explained that the couple first met in a special needs school, although their respective conditions were not disclosed. The video starts with the girl opening a gift from the guy and was surprised to discover a ring! The guy then went down on his knees and formally asked her to marry him.

Their supposed relatives were cheering them on in the background and were delighted that despite their disabilities, they were able to find true love.

As of this writing, the post already garnered 271 thousand reactions and over 200 thousand shares.


Source: TNP , Facebook

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