These Two Girls Are Enjoying The Beach But What Her Friends Did Next Is Unbelievable! Watch This!


Remember the song 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'? Well, this video will totally remind you of that.

This all-girl group of friends made a video compilation of the various pranks they've staged on each other and you will be surprised how oddly entertaining they are!

In the video, you can see one girl breaking an egg on the face of the other and a vacuum being placed close to one's hair. 

It's labeled as a 'Girl vs. Girl Prank War' on social media and it instantly went viral with a thousand views.

Who wouldn't enjoy watching girls fooling around in the beach while one takes off the bikini of the other? Or seeing a girl tanning her body then see her get wet and covered in grass?

While some of the pranks seem too crazy, it just seems that the girls just enjoy pranking each other and it is all in the spirit of good fun. 

Girls agree that it feels good to be crazy with a fellow crazy friend

Will you do these to your girl friends? Watch it here:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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