BEWARE: These Hidden Cameras Might Be Endangering Your Privacy Without Your Knowledge! MUST WATCH!

Establishments and households typically install surveillance cameras to ensure the security of their surroundings. These cameras have helped solve numerous crimes and enable the prompt identification of suspects. These have also helped save lives, safeguarding the families and employees alike

These kinds of camera are legal and advantageous. However, the very same kind of technology has resulted in the breach of privacy. 

Since these cameras can be built in anywhere and can be easily hidden, some perverts install them in places like toilets and public showers. Some of these perverts even sell footage captured by these hidden cameras. Others use it to hack into other people's homes or to stalk them. 

That is why it is very important that all of us become aware of where these cameras can be hidden. 

A video on Youtube went viral after compiling different hidden cameras that can resemble ordinary things inside the house. An air freshener or an ordinary USB drive or even a cute stuffed toy might be hiding cameras. The video also showed that little things such as adapters or wrist watches might be endangering your privacy. 

Watch the video below to find out more:

Source: TNP , YouTube

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