The Silica Gel Packets You See In Your Brand New Shoes Are More Useful Than You Think!


Many people think that silica gel packets, which is usually found on new shoes, are useless and poisonous, so they should be automatically thrown away.

Hold up right there and don't throw those yet! Here are 10 reasons why these little packets are more useful than you think:

WARNING: Keep these packets away from children.

1) Revive your phone
Is your phone wet and it needs to be revived? People usually soak the affected device in a bowl full of rice, but silica gel packets could do the job better.

2) Keep the odor away in your gym bags
Keeping them in your gym bags will help in keeping them dry and odor-free.

3) Keep photos in top shape.
Photos usually get ruined over time, and the effect could get worse if they get wet. Silica gel packets could keep the quality of your photo well photo intact.

4) Prevent rusting of razor blades
Tired of buying new razors? These packets could keep them useful for a long time. Just place these razors in a container full of these packets after each use.

5) For storage containers
Silica gel packets can be useful to keep the stuff hidden away in your basement, attic, or bodega in top quality.

6) In your lunch container
Watet droplets tend to form on lunch containers, thereby ruining your packed lunch. Again, DON'T MIX THE PACKETS ON YOUR FOOD.

7) Prevent damp on your makeup bag
Ladies, it is a pet peeve that some of your items in the makeup bag might become damp after you've taken a shower. Silica gela will keep them dry. Use the silica gela to prevent your favorite beauty products from being ruined.

8) No more fogging on car windows
With the weather being more chill than the usual, drivers usually fret over fogging on their windows. Place these bags on the bottom of your windshield and fogging would be the least of your problem.

9) To keep suitcases dry
Are you a traveler? Keep some packets to prevent the leakage and your anxiety for your bags will go away.

10) Keep your shoes dry
Duh! Why would they have these packets if they are useless? It not onlt prevents them from being wet, but it also absorb odors to keep your J's fresh.

Are you still throwing these packets?

Source: TNP, Viral4real

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