The Most Expensive House in America Ever! It Costs $250m With a Golf Course Inside!


It unbelievable how wealthy some people become isn't it? 

Because of the internet, we regular people get to see all the crazy things the rich can afford.

This mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles could very well be the most expensive house ever in the United States

How much did it cost? $250 Million. 

Wow, that's crazy. 

However the cost becomes really mind-blowing when you see what’s inside the mansion.

It features 12 luxurious and spacious bedrooms with each room having with its own sports car

There’s a movie room… Oh sorry, we meant cinema which can accommodate 40 people comfortably with Italian leather recliner sofas.

There’s a candy room. That’s right, a whole room dedicated to sweets of any kind. 

The estate has an 85-foot pool because no mansion in Bel Air should be without it’s own pool. What makes its pool special are the flat screens that pop-up from underneath it. 

The house has two champagne cellars if you want to get your rich-drink on. 

It has it’s own golf course and it’s very own bowling alley. 

Oh yeah, and the view overlooking the city is break-taking.

Don’t take our word for it. Watch the video and see the affluent splendor yourself. 

Source: TNP , DailyMail

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