The CBCP Has Something to Say About the Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines! MUST WATCH!


“Bloody” was how the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) described the sudden rise of extrajudicial killings in the country last year, according to Father Jerome Secillano

According to a Facebook post by GMA News, Fr. Jerome noted that 2016 experienced rampant killings, some of which were not just drug-related but also involved innocents who were considered collateral damage by the current administration. 

He said that these victims were mostly kids and that they weren’t directly involved in the crimes. The executive secretary of the permanent committee on CBCP’s public affairs stated that the Catholic Church is doing all it can to relay its message to the public

This includes a series of photographs that were posted near Baclaran Church, where graphic pictures of the extrajudicial victims were shown. Fr. Jerome cited that churches were now posting tarpaulins that have statements that are strongly against the extrajudicial killings. 

He said that killing is against the 10 commandments of the Lord and that the tarpaulins serve as a response and a reminder for people who misguidedly support the EJKs.

“Dapat naman kahit papano, rinerespeto natin ang buhay,” the Father said. 

When the parish of the Baclaran Church posted the extrajudicial pictures near Christmas season, Fr. Jerome said that this was their “diskarte” to let the people think and ponder about what has been recently happening to our society. 

“Kinakailangan nating magsalita at ipakita sa taong bayan, ito ang nangyari. Christmas… is marred by killing… killing everywhere.” He exclaimed.

Fr. Jerome also stated that if the killings continue, then the Church is willing to work with communities and government units in order to provide livelihood programs. They also desire for an open dialogue with the current administration. 

Watch Fr. Jerome’s whole statement below! 

Source: TNP, GMA

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