The Audience Thought it Was Just an Ordinary Dance Number But When They Started, Everyone Was Blown Away!


Seeing people move gracefully to a song's beat is magical and although every artist's performance is amazingly different on its own, this one definitely stands out.

Dancing is about self expression more than anything and that is what this talented couple did on their now viral performance.

Their acrobatic performance screamed art. They were more than just performers, they evoked emotions that only true artists can do.

They were able to captivate the audience, and even the netizens, with their powerful  and totally different dance choreography.

Nicholas Besnard and Ludivine Furnon, also known as the "Duo MainTenanT" gave new meaning to grace and talent like no one else on the stage of the Swiss television show, "Benissimo".

Ludivine is a gymnast and dancer. She is part of Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian entertainment company known for being among the largest theatrical productions. She had been part of one of its performances in Las Vegas, "Mystere".

As for her partner, Nicholas, he is also part of the entertainment company and had performed more than 2,000 times in "Zumanity".

The original Youtube video uploaded by Maxima Art agency on December of 2010 was able to earn 670,000 views.

The video was showered with praises by the online community because of its elegance and beauty. According to the netizens, the excellent performance was breathtaking.

Another thing that people commended was the evident trust the two artists shared. 

Source: TNP , YouTube

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