SPOTTED: Showbiz Couple Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo Seen Dancing in the Gym!


Just like ordinary people, showbiz personalities also take a break from their hectic schedules to spend time with their loved ones every now and then.

Actress Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and husband actor/host Ryan Agoncillo were spotted having a good time while working out inside a gym.

The two were dancing to the tune of an upbeat song. Juday reposted the video on her Instagram account.

The video has already hit 155,914 views on Instagram and 130,000 on Facebook. 

Juday and Ryan have done this sort of thing before. About 3 months ago Ryan posted another video of them dancing while working out. Read the full story here:

The showbiz power couple recently renewed their marriage vows last year. Find out why they did it here:
Source: TNP , Instagram

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