SPOTTED! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits the First Jollibee in Canada!


Filipinos in Canada got their very own taste of the well-loved Pinoy fast food when Jollibee opened its doors in Winnipeg, Canada, but the iconic food joint was graced by another visitor--this time, Canada's own prime minister, Justin Trudeau

He was surrounded by Jollibee employees, who are seemingly composed of Filipinos. Pinoy Canada reported that prior to visiting the fast food, the prime minister headed to the University of Regina to visit its students and to have breakfast with the RCMP cadets. 

Trudeau was said to have walked casually into Jollibee, saying "Hey, guys" when the cameras immediately rolled in and everyone inside erupted into cheers and excitement. Winnipeg Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux and MLA Cindy Lamoureux were also present to give him and his staff a warm welcome. 

SPOTTED! Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Visits the First Jollibee in Canada!

The Lamoureux represent nearby ridings at the provincial and federal level. While the prime minister wasn't able to eat anything from the fast food, he greeted everyone in the store and gamely posed for photos along with the staff and the crowd. He headed out after ten minutes. 

Trudeau is set to be the host of a public town hall at the University of Winnipeg’s Duckworth Centre in order to answer some questions. These are all part of his outreach tour around the country which, according to him, allows him to reconnect with the everyday Canadians after he and his government received several criticisms over controversies. 

What do you think of Trudeau's visit? Do you think he will like Jollibee's Chickenjoy if given the chance to eat it? Share us your thoughts below!
Source: TNP wheninmanila

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