Specialist Syndicates Use New And Strange Modus to Break Car Windshields. Beware!


Lately, more than a few incidents of car theft have troubled motorists in the metro. The modus involves breaking the windshields of the unfortunate cars and getting all the valuables inside. 

The authorities have discovered that these specialist syndicates are now using ceramic shards from broken spark plugs to break into windshields with ease. Because ceramic shards are very inconspicuous, the thieves are able the break car windows without anyone in the area noticing.

A viral video of someone using saliva and ceramic shows an apprehended thief demonstrating the modus

Car syndicates are more likely to be attracted to such cars with untinted windows. Authorities advise against leaving important things in the car. 

You should watch this video and see how car syndicates do this new modus of breaking the windshield with ceramic shards.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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