Son Of An Old Man Who Was Brutally Beaten By Policeman Is Now Asking For Justice! Watch This!


Recently, a policeman went viral across social media after beating up a civilian. The CCTV caught off-duty PO1 Leo Tupaz calling and following the 55-year-old victim Eduardo Javar in a street in Santa Ana, Manila. Javar was reportedly drunk during that time and in the video, he was apparently trying to evade the police officer.

At one point of the video, Javar whispered something to the police. After some time, Tupaz grabbed Javar and landed solid blows on him. He beat him up until Javar was on the ground. Tupaz was away for some time but when he came back, he dropped a pot on Javar. He also tried to grab a hollow block, but the residents were able to stop him.

Javar's family were angered with what happened. His son, Dennis Javar, even shared the CCTV footage in his Facebook page and captioned it with: "ito po yung kuha sa cctv ng pananakit ng 1 pulis khapon jan8 sunday sa tatay ko. walang kalabanlaban yung tatay ko sir. muntikan mo na mapatay yung tatay ko e. kung ndi ka pa naawat ndi mo titigilan. hindi ka na naawa. grabe ka naman sir po1 Leo Tupaz."

Meanwhile, the victim was said to have been traumatized by what happened but is thankful that he is still alive. "Parang nagkaroon ako ng trauma, parang takot na akong uminom ngayon ng alak dahil sa nangyari sa akin... Buti hindi ako pinatay," 

Watch the footage below:

Source: TNPGMA

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