Snake Lover Steps Into A Pit of Pythons, But What Happens Next Is Terrifying! Watch This!


A snake is a terrifying animal. Aside from its vile look, many species are also venomous and fatal. However, they also have their own share of human lovers. This particular man, Jay Brewer, love snakes so much, that he tried to go another level by going into a pit of pythons. Unfortunately, his love for snakes seems to be a one-sided affair. 

In the video, we can see white python trying to bite Brewer's face as he enters the pit. What made the video amusing is that while he was swiping the snake away from his face, he kept asking his viewers about their 'interest' in snakes.

As he was sitting comfortably in the pit, he thought that the snake seems to don't mind him anymore. However, he was talking, the snake attacked him again, biting him in the arm. He then knew he is in big trouble. 

Watch Jay's interaction with the pythons and laugh your heart out.

Source: TNP, YouTube

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