SHOCKING! Rufa Mae Quinto Was Rushed To The Hospital! Find Out What Happened Here!


Rufa Mae Quinto caused quite a stir after sharing on Instagram that she was rushed to the hospital on Sunday, January 8, 2017. 

According to her, “Nasugod kami ng anak ko last night sa hospital. Kuwento ko more details soon, nakaya namin lahat.”

She also shared how her husband stood by her while she went through difficult times during her pregnancy. "Thank you my loving husband @trevvvsilog for being with us... in the hospital, you are the greatest dad.. I'll tell our daughter that when she gets older, I love you... we can both get some fully nice resting." She wrote. 

SHOCKING! Rufa Mae Quinto Was Rushed To The Hospital!

After her trials and tribulations, she gained a lot of insight as a first-time mom. “Ganito pala maging ina, kailangan sobrang tibayan at sobrang lakas ng loob mo para mairaos mo ang anak mo sa kung ano ang test. Totoo ang kasabihan na you are risking your life pag preggy. Natakot ako, ninerbyos pero bandang huli, I told myself I have to be strong for my daughter [alexandriamgallanes]," she wrote. 

SHOCKING! Rufa Mae Quinto Was Rushed To The Hospital!

On a separate post, she once again thanked her husband for giving his commitment to her and their daughter. “Sa tulong ng asawa ko, naging mas madali kanina, naka-recover kami agad ng anak ko. Salamat daddy @trevvvsilog for being with us the whole time. Our daughter will be very proud of you! The best gift that dad could ever give to her child is to be there, give support 100%,”she wrote. 

Fortunately, she has now been released from confinement and was advised to get a lot of bed rest. She is due to give birth next month. 
Source: TNP , GMA

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