Goin' Bulilit Child Star Sharlene San Pedro Suddenly Passes Out During Her Shooting! Shocking!


It was supposed to be just another video blogging day for actress and MYX VJ Sharlene San Pedro, but things took on a turn when she suddenly passed out while shooting her video blog.

The matinee actress, who is also known as a graduate of the longtime children sketch show Goin Bulilit, is making a video blog entry on testing her blood.

She was making the video with Miles Ocampo, Ate Isay, and the nurse who accompanied her in taking blood for the test.

Sharlene was just saying something about testing blood while the nurse was squeezing Sharlene's finger to take some blood when she suddenly passed out.

After she passed out, the blood testing was discontinued out of fear that Sharlene might face heavier circumstances.

Miles Ocampo, Ate Isay, and the nurse suddenly helped to get her a chair to rest.

Currently, Sharlene is already in a stable condition. According to her, she will not release the video blog post because she thinks it is "shameful."

Source: TNP , Elitenewsfeed

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