SAVAGE! Guy Throws Girlfriend in a Dumpster Over Alleged Cheating! Watch This!


This cheating girlfriend went where she really belongs – in the dumpster like the trash that she is, at least according to her boyfriend.

In a video posted by World Star Hip Hop, an American-based website known for posting videos of people fighting in the streets and rap freestyles, a man was seen dragging his girlfriend by her arm.

Spectators thought that they were just witnessing a couple fighting over typical relationship troubles. However, it seems as though the boyfriend found out that his girlfriend was allegedly cheating on him.

What happened next shocked onlookers: the infuriated man threw his girlfriend into the dumpster just like garbage. The spectators, including the man shooting the video, were shocked and amused at the same time due to the man’s savage behavior.

Guess she was dumped – both figuratively and literally.

Source: TNP , Worldstarhiphop

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