'Rustom is Dead' - BB Gandanghari Celebrates '8th Death Anniversary of Rustom'


It has been eight years since the "death" of the former matinee idol and action star Rustom Padilla, as he was killed by his new celebrated identity BB Gandanghari, as the LGBT icon has put it. 

In his Instagram post last January 16, she shared his thoughts on finally revealing his true identity to the public and on the birth of his transgender self.

"On Jan 16, 2009, many of you may have seen or watched the arrival of BB. Gandanghari at the Ninoy Aquino international airport declaring at the same time “Rustom is dead.” Today, I celebrate my 8th year of existence and boy, what a journey it has been. So far, SO GOOD, though," he wrote.

Although BB did not deny that he still receives hate and discrimination, she said that he just shrugged them off, saying these are part of life.

"Well, despite all the not so good things that comes [sic] with it, you know discrimination, people’s judgment and scrutiny… and so much more. But that’s life, I’m telling myself, so I took it, even the most painful and hurtful words. And now, on this day, Jan 16, 2017, I once again acted on something that I have been contemplating for the longest time, even praying for it, and my GOD, on this day, willed it to be. THANK YOU!" she said.

She also said that one of her prayers had been answered but he refused to disclose details about it.

"Rustom is Dead" - BB Gandanghari Celebrates "8th Death Anniversary of Rustom"

"My heart is overflowing with joy for this answered prayer of mine and I am feeling strongly that a new chapter has just unfolded… So help me God! LOVE and PEACE everyone. CHEERS!!!" BB added.

BB came out of the closet last 2006 when he was a contestant on the celebrity edition of ABS-CBN's famous reality show "Pinoy Big Brother" by admitting his sexuality to a fellow housemate, Keanna Reeves. This has been one of the most memorable moments not only in the show but in the history of TV.

Her petition to have her identity and gender changed has been approved in the United States where the LGBT community is more welcoming compared to the Philippines. He is currently studying at UCLA in California.
Source: TNP , KickerDaily

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